Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Bad Advice

So today I needed some good advice. But didn't get any. I asked two of my friends- one's was better than the other. But still nothing fruitful. Is it just me or does everyone get really hopeful and expect miracles to happen when you decide to share your problem with a friend?

What disappointed me was not the problem that I still am facing but the fact that my hopes were shattered when they came up with such bad suggestions. I know they can't control the situation and all that but a few words of positivity couldn't hurt, right? Why is reassurance such a rare luxury these days?

Every fortnight I read the Agony Aunt column in Femina and the advices they give are so vague. I mean if you had to get advices like, "Get your priorities right” then why would you ask in the first place? It’s because I’m confused that I am asking you.