Friday, 1 June 2012

A Betrayal

He rang the doorbell and waited.  It was a double doorbell like always. His top two shirt buttons were open after a long work day like always. His tiffin was in one hand and his office bag was slung on his other shoulder like always. His specs had finger prints on them like always. And his hair was shabby from running his hands through it so many times just like always. However, this was not an ordinary day. He had betrayed his wife. Again. He had felt no guilt in doing so. He was angry at himself for not feeling any guilt, for not having a conscience. He felt pity for his wife for she did not know what an asshole he was. He knew he was going to do it again.
 She opened the door took his office bag from his hand and told him that the dinner was ready. He came over to the table just like always. It seemed like a normal evening. It was a normal evening in his wife’s mind. But not for him. His wife wasn’t aware of his betrayal. Yet. And maybe never will be. What if she found out? No, he didn’t want to think of the consequences of that. His wife told him of her day and how their son wasn’t studying enough. He made a show of listening but his mind was elsewhere. His wife served him vegetable and roti and sat opposite him. His wife had already eaten.
She lay awake, knowing what activity her husband had just taken part in. Again. She had known for a long time. The tell-tale signs were always there when her husband fucked whoever she was. She felt no curiosity in finding out who that woman was.  She had decided not to confront. She didn’t want his pity. No, she would keep her pride intact and not raise a fight to grab her husband’s attention. Let him get his fuck from somewhere else. Good riddance. She wouldn’t have to partake in the physical act from which she got no pleasure from. Her husband technically raped her everytime they had sex anyway. If all was great then why did she get no sleep and her husband slept like the dead in their matrimonial bed? He was the sinner. Shouldn’t he be the one brooding? She turned around and tried, in vain, to get some sleep.

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