Monday, 20 August 2012

Dhobi Ghaat. Finally.

So, I finally saw Dhobi Ghaat. I was supposed to when it was released but I got terrible reviews then. Those reviews, however, were totally unjustified. I loved the movie. I think Indians are spoilt by clean endings. Bollywood doesn't leave much to the imagination. It ties everytthing in a neat little bow and presents it to us.But Dhobi Ghaat sort of defies this unspoken rule and maybe thats why it didn't do so well in the box office.
They've tried to make it as realistic as possible but even they had to see what a chiche the character of Arun was. Every painter lives that way, doesn't he? But, one does desire the life he leads. The cliched artisitic one.
However, I was happy with the relationship between the dhobiwala, Munna and the umerican, Shai. It was very believable.
Overall the movie was a good one. A believable one. A good attempt.

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