Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Life in the City

Do you think that a life of a hippy is a better one? There are certainly less responsibilities.
The Indian version of a hippy is to take sanyas. And my mother's views on sanyas have always been, "It's more difficult to live in a society. Taking sanyas is taking the easier way out." Which, perhaps, is true. To lead a good life in these times filled with Blackberry and Google and Facebook is definitely the tougher choice. So, my point is, what's wrong if you decide to pursue your more primal instincts such as food, air, water and shelter rather than the intellectual?  Why is it frowned upon? Why do we choose to lead a more difficult life? Because of the more material pleasures we get? But do those things really give us pleasure? Is living in a small apartment in the city with barely any space to move let alone live with only a few hours of sleep every night really a good lidea?
Now, I'm not saying that we leave society, wear orange clothes and go live in the jungle but maybe we should stop trying to squeeze tiny drops of happiness from Mango, Vero Moda and Zaara. Maybe we should go beyond that. And by that, I don't mean Gucci but I mean just normal clothes. Cause the point is to protect yourself from the harsh weather, right? Not to decorate yourself.
By writing this article, it does not mean that I have given up on Mad Over Donuts or Subway but its just a thought to ponder on, you know?

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