Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Break-Up— my entry to the Get Published contest

The Idea Description:
  She keeps the wallpaper on her phone as DON’T CALL HIM to stop herself from calling him and asking him to patch up.
  He has deleted her from BBM but has asked his friend to send each and every picture she updates and each status she updates.
  Yes, he was the one to break her heart but he had a reason to. What she doesn’t understand is that he also has a plan to get her back.
  Only things aren’t going according to plan and the next thing he knows she is going on a date with some boy.
  Will he make her see truth?
What Makes This Story ‘Real’:
  Love these days isn’t the Happily Ever After kind. It takes a lot of work and a lot of experimentation.
  Relationships break up all the time but then there are also those who work through their issues.
  This story sheds light on wheat relationships are like in this generation.
Extract from the story:

 “Dude, her status has changed again,” says Ronak over the phone.
  “What is it this time?” I sigh, pinching the bridge of my nose. I know she’s hurting but does she have to bloody publicise it to the world and make me feel like a loser? I had my reasons for breaking up.
  “Um, well…”
  “Just spit it out, Ronak.”
  “It says, and I quote, ‘Waiting for tonight’ and her DP is showing a picture of a girl immersed in a pile of clothes with a caption HAVE A HOT DATE, TONIGHT.”
  I gasp.
  “I spoke to Ria,” continues Ronak, “and she says it’s some guy from—”
  “I don’t want to know,” I snap at Ronak and hang up.

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  1. Good one.. Waiting for more and Voted for you :) All d best for the contest.

    Below is the link for my idea. If you like it please vote for it too. :)