Monday, 27 October 2014

A friend of mine said once, "Waking up is the worst part of existence," and I agree with that statement whole-heartedly. And then I heard someone say, "You cannot think your way out of bed," and that statement resonated with me on an even deeper level.
  That's probably the mistake we all make. We're first in denial, denial about the earliness of the hour, our mind already complaining how little sleep we've had, our body acts as if it is soaked in lethargy. But then the alarm rings a third time and usually this is the time I take to go over the day's activities  bargaining with myself if I have just a teeny bit to squeeze in a "last" 10-minute nap. Sometimes I give in and sleep for another two hours that way. But then there are days like these, when I act my way out.
  What if we skipped this whole process and went straight to jumping out of bed. Wouldn't that be amazing? Its easier said than done, for sure.
  But then what isn't?

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