Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Choice

Now I'm going to be shameless here and profess my undying unequivocal love for Oprah Winfrey. Her vision with her channel inspires me everyday.
  In the video that I saw today she had Limbless Nick come to her show and speak about the power of choice and what a speech he gave!
  To say that it uplifted my mood and motivated me would be an understatement. He says that he had two choices, either be angry at God, at the Universe for being "wired" differently or be grateful for the cards he was dealt with and that statement resonated with me and truly struck a cord.
  I have two choices at the moment: I can either complain about not having a mind that is very quantitative or I could be happy about the fact that I have other talents, like the talent of words, and the curiosity for news.  I can be grateful for the education that I received until now. I don't have to try to live another's dream.
  I'd rather live my own.


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