Sunday, 26 October 2014

The thing about confessions... that you need courage. What I used last night is what everyone calls Liquid Courage. But that term got me thinking. We wrongly burden alcohol by making it the reason behind our actions. Yes, the alcohol helped me do it but it did not give me the courage to do it. The courage, I already had. That was never the problem, the problem was the story that I was telling myself and how strongly I believed it that I never bothered to believe otherwise when I questioned myself.
  Talking to people and directly asking them how they feel gives you a sense of perspective that you might be wrong (or they're lying) I'm struggling with the latter possibility a lot. But then who isn't? Its upto me what I choose to believe. Its upto me to decide if I'm worthy. And this takes courage that no liquid, or external substance can give me.
  The courage to believe.

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