Sunday, 1 April 2012

April Fool's Day

I remember playing pranks on my friends almost everyday when I was a schoolgirl and screaming bakra everytime someone fell for my prank.

But then as you grow up the energy to have some light-hearted fun also fades away. Now it’s always fun to go drinking or clubbing with my friends. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy that stuff-I do but today made me realize that I have been unknowingly missing the joy that came when you played a silly joke on someone or fooled someone. Being frank to people is a rare luxury for adults. We always have to please people, say nice things. Subtlety used as a weapon to endure adulthood.

Today, however, was nostalgic. I played pranks on old and new friends and we all had a good laugh reminiscing in the good old days. It was beautifully wistful and I have a wide smile at the end of the day.

Happy April Fool’s Day, people. Hope this day brings you lots of smiles, laughter and light-hearted fun.


  1. you get so much from a good prank!

    1. Very true! Its almost like an adrenaline rush.