Thursday, 19 April 2012

Unnecessarily 3D

Today I saw Titanic in 3D and I was sorely disappointed. The movie did not have to be made into 3D to get more attention. It would have made money even in 2D. They’ve got to stop making movies in 3D just for the heck of it. Don 2 was unnecessary, Step Up was unnecessary and now this.
The screen somehow gets darker because of the glasses which takes away half the charm of the movie. It works for animated movies because they are already so bright that a little tint won’t hurt.
3D is only exciting for movies like Kung Fu Panda or Tin Tin. I loved Tin TIn. The attention given to the detailing was tremendous and Kung Fun Panda was simply hilarious.
If they wanted to make more money out of Titanic they should have simply released it again. They did not have to go to the lengths of making it 3D.

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