Monday, 9 April 2012

Press Ethics or Lack Thereof

Yesterday my mother told me she saw a man hurtling to death from near the seventh floor. The rope snapped in two, she said. His name was Shailendra Kumar (25), a Bunjee Jumping Trainer. He was performing a stunt at the Great Adventure Mall in Delhi when the accident took place. I asked her how she "saw" it. On TV, she said. It was shocking that a news channel (India TV to name it) would stoop to such levels to get TRP.
We are a democracy, we proclaim proudly. Of the people, by the people, for the people. Media is said to be the fourth pillar supporting this great democracy. If that is true then the media should also understand the difference between sensationalism and hard news. The difference between Journalism and Yellow Journalism. It is ethically wrong and simply traumatising for a woman to see a man meet his death so gruesomely.
When the 9/11 took place, the American Media did not release a photograph which had a dead body. While, our front pages are strewn with ghastly pictures when 26/11 and other terrorist attacks took place. It’s depressing and simply traumatising to reiterate.

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