Saturday, 21 April 2012

Get A Life, The Killer Of Ansh

We have all witnessed a good testosterone fuelled fight between two boys. Heck, even girls. They are even entertaining. I remember in my school days (I sound old in this sentence, but I'm not), these fights would always be held on the football field. The reason was obvious- they wanted all the attention they could get. It was all in fun and play, they would fight, we would scream "Fight! Fight! Fight!" and after a fair amount of entertainment, the friends of the fighters would intervene and break it up. There would be abuses flying about and teenagers restraining teenagers but it was all very well. We got our piece of gossip for the next few days. That was our bit of drama in our otherwise monotonous school life.
But, it was taken to a whole new level with Ansh Agarwal, a mere 16 year old who was beaten to death because he had a fight with one of the boys in his society. The boy, accused in this case, with his friends-who were as stupid as him- went with hockey sticks and iron rods and bamboos and beat Ansh Agarwal to death.
I mean grow a spine, man (the accused). It was a lame fight. Get over it. Have a discussion. Slap him back if he has slapped you but don't freaking kill the guy. Seriously. Have some balls. Besides, have a fucking sense of humour. If you would have taken all of this like a sport, ten years down the line you would probably be laughing your ass off and telling your children stories about how you got into this fight with their Uncle Ansh over some lame reason. 
But now you'll be spending your life in prison. It'll be a lesson well taught. But at the expense of someone else's life, someone else's mother's tears and someone else's brother's regrets. Get a life, dude. Get a life.

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