Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Happy. Sad. Happy Again.

Does anyone ever get used to joy or sadness? Will they ever stop affecting you?
Happiness is something that one keeps craving. One will be insatiable in that department. Sadness, on the other hand- no matter how hard or fast you run, with the latest Reebok Reflex shoes costing eight grand which is ridiculously expensive, It’ll always catch up with you. There’s no escaping it.
But everytime you get a whiff of happiness, it is as fresh and beautiful as it was the first time. And everytime the dark shadow of sadness crosses over you, it is as heart wrenching as it was, well, the first time.
They say when you feel nothing --neither happiness nor sadness you have reached the highest level your soul can achieve.  But isn’t that a paradox? How is it the highest level if you are numb? Isn’t it amazing to feel the ups and downs of life? Isn’t it amazing when you prove yourself and the world wrong and exceed your own limitations? Isn’t it completely humiliating if you fail at something and prove everyone right?
Or does it make you a lower mortal for resorting to such basic emotions?

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