Saturday, 14 April 2012

Vampire Academy

The first time I read Vampire Academy was when I had just begun reading for recreational purposes. I started with Twilight and what soon followed was a Vampire fetish. But Vampire Academy was a lot different from Twilight or any other Young Adult Vampire series.
The protagonist, Rosemarie Hathaway, for one made a hell of a difference to the book. She breathes life into the series. She is headstrong and stubborn and rash and impulsive and she’s sort of admirable. If I had to choose a fictional character that motivates me I would definitely choose Rose Hathaway. The rest of the scenario is a bit done but it’s still so much fun to read through Richelle Mead’s voice. She has a fun, no nonsense and slightly dry voice which made the books all the more interesting. Also, the absolute drool-worthy love-interest, Dimitri Belikov is the highlight of the series.
The series begins with Rose and her best friend, Lissa being brought back into the academy that they have run away from for mysterious reasons. Rose is a Dhampir (half- human and half-vampire. No, nothing like Renesmee) and she is protecting the Moroi (full vampire) princess Vasilissa Dragomir from Strogoi (undead vampires). Dimitri, who is also a Dhampir is Rose’s trainer and teacher which makes it a forbidden romance.
The series is a fantastic read and will keep you on your toes till the end. You would want to perform ninja stunts yourself by the time you’re done with the series.

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