Friday, 18 May 2012

The Absolute Truth

What really binds you? Emotions, money, society? There is always something. Always binding you, always tying you up. Sometimes its love, sometimes it your job, sometimes its circumstances, sometimes it’s yourself. Actually its yourself all the time. All the rest are only excuses. Only to convince and console yourself into thinking you aren’t responsible, that someone else is holding your strings. Here is the truth and it is the absolute truth: Nobody controls it, nobody directs it and nobody takes it where you don’t want it or want it to go, but yourself. It is only yourself, and your securities and insecurities, your wealth and poverty, you anger and joy that takes you where you want it to go. It is only you. It is only me. Only I am responsible for where I am today. Whether good or bad. Whether happy or sad. Only I am responsible. Nobody else.
I decide, I choose, I direct, I make the decision

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