Monday, 7 May 2012

Satyamev Jayate

So I saw Satyamev Jayate and it is brilliant. The problem with Indian media is that they sensationalize it a lot. Whether it is the news or a sitcom or a reality show, in order to get TRPs they’ll resort to anything. But Aamir Khan and his team has done just the opposite and achieved the same results as any sensationalized TV series. He hasn’t added sentimental music or an ad every ten seconds to push the viewers into watching his show. His teaser campaign was done brilliantly that it made me get up at 11 AM on a Sunday morning. /
His script is so strong that he doesn’t need to resort to such petty ways. A particular news channel showed Prince falling in the pit for two whole days. Does that show Indian News Channels don’t have any news to cover or does that show that Indian journalism is that weak? It was frankly annoying to watch the same thing again and again and again. To top it off they even showed the same clip again after a year. Aamir Khan’s show has left you with the thought.
He has done his job and humbly asked for our support. And support him we will.

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