Friday, 11 May 2012

IPL Experience

It was all decided that we were going to go for the match on Wednesday. The tickets were supposed to be bought. But at the last moment, the friend who was going to buy them said they were unavailable.
My friend, S and I are crazy for Viraat Kohli so we decided that we were going to go stand outside the stadium before the match and see if we can get tickets in black. We didn’t get tickets till 8 15. My friend and I stood outside listening to the cheers and the music playing inside and seethed with jealousy. 2 overs were already over when a guy came along and sold us the tickets for a bomb. We took the chance and went inside. Funnily enough we didn’t check which level or stand it was before we paid the price. Luckily for us they were of North Stand Level 1 tickets.
When we entered, the atmosphere was contagious. Almost everyone was in blue. We could see Mumbai Indian flags rolling in the air. And every ten minutes we did the Mexican wave. I wonder how the players played in such a lively atmosphere.  How did they concentrate on the game? Didn’t they get distracted?
Thank God Viraat Kohli played for a long time in that game. We certainly deserved to see him stretch and saunter sexily on the field for the price we paid. Oh God, and when his muscles tightened when he was going to bat…hmm…I have no words for that.
All in all I had an amazing IPL experience and I proudly say, “Paisa Vasool”.

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  1. Not a fan of IPL, but liked your enthusiasm.