Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Impending Doom

You know how some people have great intuition? Like they know something good or bad is going to happen that day. Or they know how to read the signs or omens. Even writers take care of that shit. For example: “The black clouds cast a shadow over her face, which only nagged Lata even more. It was like a sign from God that she wasn’t going to get the job.” They write like that to alert the readers of impending doom and everyone knows writers get inspiration from real life so they might be that intuitive or perceptive. So my question here is: why the hell doesn’t it work for me?
My day can start with my mom yelling her lungs out for me to clean my room to making me my favourite breakfast. But that has no effect on my day. Technically if she made me my favourite breakfast, it reads as a sign of a good, happy day. But noooo. That would be just too damn simple, now, wouldn’t it be? So the day she makes me my favourite breakfast can range from normal, routine, awesome happy or I could meet with an accident or lose my job. The whole idea of impending doom just doesn’t seem work for me does it work for you? Let me know your thought.
Comments are good omens that will make me write better. Please leave me one.

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