Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pursuit of Happyness

Can I start this blogpost by saying that this movie was freakin’ awesome? Cause it totally was. You don’t know much about me, dear reader, but there is something you should know about all women and that is we love Love Stories. I mean I look for a love story in crime novels for Christ’s sake. So for me to like this movie even if it’s not one is a feat in itself.
OK, now let’s get to the nitty-gritty. Will Smith plays the role of Chris Gardner. When Chris Gardner invests his family’s money in portable bone-density scanners, it turns out to be a dead investment. He can’t sell them. As a result, Linda, his girlfriend leaves him and their son, Christopher and flees to New York. Just before she leaves he meets an employee of Dean Witter, a stock broking company and impresses him. He gets a shot to intern for Dean Witter. But there’s a hitch: they don’t pay. He takes up the job anyway, assuming that he will be able to sell the rest of the portable bone-density scanners. He gets homeless in the process and basically struggles a lot to be the best intern out of the twenty interns at Dean Witter. In the end after a lot of struggle he is offered a job at Dean Witter.
There were three things that I really liked about this movie. The first was the scene where Chris Gardner tells his son to never let anyone tell him what he can or can’t do. Not even his father. That really touched me. The second one was Will Smith’s amazing acting. You actually feel the exhaustion and the guilt and the hopelessness and in the end happiness that Chris must be feeling. And the third is the kid. He was the cutest five-year-old I had seen in my life.
I know I saw this movie quite late. So if there’s anyone like me who haven’t seen Pursuit of Happyness, go watch it NOW!

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