Monday, 14 May 2012

Julie and Julia

So I first decided to watch this movie because it got a 75% rating in Rotten Tomatoes and if you know how annoyingly critical Rotten Tomatoes is about each movie then you must also understand what a huge feat it is to score such a high rank. Second reason I chose to watch this movie is because I saw that Meryl Streep was cast in it. I simply had to watch it.
The movie is long and it features two true story lines. On the one hand you will find Julia Child, the famous writer of a cook-book (I hadn’t even heard about her until now) which is played by Meryl Streep. She gets married to Paul Child which is played by Stanley Tucci at the age of 40 and she remains a virgin till then. They so desperately love eachother that you instantly know that Julia found a man who made it worth the wait. Julia Child is bored with her life. She is making hats as a hobby. She was a former government employee but she seems to have quit the job now. Over dinner one night when Julia says that she wants to do something and her husband, Paul asks her what exactly does she really, really love and “To eat,” she says without hesitation. She decides to take cooking lessons and does surprisingly very well. Throughout her part Julia Child is simply adorable. The sounds she makes while she talks, her body language, her passion for cooking, her love for her husband just makes her so beautiful and adorable and what’s the word I’m looking for? Hmm, cute? Yes, that’s it. It makes her so cute. You just want to hug her. She wants to make French Cooking simpler for American women who don’t have cooks. She meets many obstacles on the way but in the end she gets her cook-book published.
On the other hand we have Julie, who is played by Amy Adams. She is also a government employee and when she gets home after answering hundreds of calls everyday and being yelled at, the only thing she finds comfort in is her kitchen. She thinks of it as predictable. Comforting. When her friend’s blog starts to become popular, she decides to start a blog of her own, saying that she has thoughts of her own too. She decides to finish Julia Child’s cook-book in 365 days and decides to blog about it. Along the way she develops loyal readers and gets attention from the legendary Judith Jones the very publisher of Julia Child’s cook book. In the end she does complete her target and her blog, and finally finds something that she’s good at.
What I really liked about the movie is obviously Meryl Streep’s acting. She is just so dynamic. And then on the other hand we have Amy Adams who does a great job at playing Julie. She wants to do something with her life which does not include living with her awesome husband in Queens above a pizzeria or going to her boring government job and answering a bunch of phone calls. As she makes her way through the cookbook, she repeatedly claims that it’s like having Julia Child in the very same room, as if they are having conversations. She is undoubtedly devoted to her and that is so sweet.
The movie is so beautiful and romantic. It shows two women who are so different but so similar at the same time.
Time changes everything, but food? I don’t think so.

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