Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store is a theatre in Lower Parel. And as the name suggests it only mostly shows stand-up comedy. There is a chic-looking bar right outside the theatre and a canteen of sorts where you can buy a snack to eat while in the theatre.
It’s an amphi-theatre which is good because you somehow feel like you’re a part of the play when the stage is more reachable somehow. I like that. OK, if there is one advice I’d like to give you if you ever go for a stand-up comedy show is that never, ever sit in the front row. Yes, they pick on you like crazy. Yes, they insult you. No, you can do nothing but laugh at how stupid you look. Of course, you should take it as a sport.
The show had four comedians in total. Well, three technically but the host was pretty funny so he was a comedian too. The host starts off with a few jokes/insults and introduces the comics to the audience. The flow was neat but very casual which suited the place.
My only complaint: while all the comedians were absolutely excellent and made me laugh so hard that I peed myself a little and by the end of it all I was wondering if I was a little high, all their jokes were pretty much clich├ęd. I mean they all made fun of different religions, the new India, engineers, etc. Of course, there was novelty in each one of them but it was relating to the same topic.
Also I have to say the last one (I think his name was Varun) was absolutely delicious. He was so cute and he is a struggling actor apparently. So that was all. They have three branches: Manchester, London and Mumbai. So if you are ever in these three places it’s worth a visit

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