Thursday, 24 May 2012

Is It Just The Petrol Prices?

So the petrol prices rise again. You know I had this discussion in college when the subsidy on petrol was removed. I was all for it. I mean people would start valuing it. They would start car-pooling, start walking more, use public transport; it would reduce traffic, blah, blah, blah. When none of those things happened and the petrol prices still keep rising, then, yes now I am bothered by it. Of course, there are other options like CNG and diesel but that’s not for consumers like us technically. I know that car companies are making engines that support diesel left and right but that’s not a solution. As the demand for diesel goes up, the price will too and eventually the government will remove the subsidy on that as well.
But, it’s not all about petrol prices. I was talking to my friend, N today and he was telling me how hard it really has become for Mumbaikars to survive in this city. I mean I can go on and on about the inflation and everything but the truth is that stuff is not only getting expensive it is getting ridiculous. Who the hell would spend 30 rupees on Rickshaw from Juhu to Parle? I do and I know what you’re thinking: she can travel by the bus and stop the grumbling. But that’s not the point. And everytime I go to the chat wala I have to first check how much money I have before I order my sev-puri. Sev-puri cost 25 Rs. Can you believe that? If that isn’t ridiculous then I don’t know what is. If you go for a good dinner then you can’t even think about carrying only 300 in your pocket. It’s all about 400-500 Rs. That shit is just too expensive. And don’t even get me started on the clothes. A good top doesn’t cost less than a grand. I remember a time where I used to pick up stuff for 300 Rs from a good air-conditioned showroom.
You can’t use money without thinking anymore. You have to constantly budget your expenses.
My friend, K put up a very nice status on Facebook asking everyone to stop grumbling and moaning about petrol prices because we were all responsible for it. That is so true. Yes, the government is stupid and useless and are just sitting in their posh offices and fancy chairs and farting but we aren’t any less responsible. We have to take responsibility of the situation we are in too. The inflation is caused by us and the common man is suffering because of the common man.
So let’s quit the blame game because as satisfying and pleasant it is to our egos it is not the complete picture.

Comments are as satisfying and pleasant to my ego as blaming the government.

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