Thursday, 17 May 2012

Success: A State of Mind

I don’t know where I heard it or read it but someone said that success was merely a state of mind. At the time I thought it was a consolation, to convince oneself and make oneself feel worth something important. But today I saw how that statement was true.
You know how they say that if they can’t do they teach. Well, that’s what I always thought of dance teachers. You have a dance institute in every nook and cranny these days. I go for one of those too near my house. Now obviously you won’t hold some dance class in that high a regard as you would if it were Shiamak’s or Terrence Lewis’ dance classes. Yes, they might just be a hollow brand name but who doesn’t follow brands these days? So anyway I went to the one near my house because it was close and I had no intention of becoming a dancer. I merely went there to exercise. But today as my teacher taught us how to dance on a particularly difficult song, when I saw the smile, the glint in his eye, his enthusiasm, I realised that he actually liked what he did. He was definitely good at it. And according to him he was successful.
Yes, no one knew of him. He wasn’t amazingly rich. But to him when he danced, he was successful. He probably was more successful than most of us would ever be. He had found his true passion and that happens to only a few lucky ones.
In that moment I realised that my dance teacher was probably as successful as Bill Gates if not more.

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